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DG entertainment platform with hundreds of well-trained professional dealers, the real casino environment, stable high-end equipment, professional technical support to protect the stable operation of the platform, giving the player as if on the scene of the wonderful experience. And supports multi-platform access, no matter where players are now at any time to enjoy the fun of the game.

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DG provides customers a variety of ways of cooperation, customers can choose according to different business needs the most suitable solution.

Build Site

To provide a complete package of websites for customers who have not yet built their own brand, DG will build the steps to simplify and simplify. You do not need to worry about where to start designing your vision and version, until the website has professional technical support.

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Access API

We will be integrated into the customer side, can be integrated into the API through the existing platform.

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Mobile APP

Live-action video game mobile applications with intelligent control card mode, leading players into the new realm of baccarat. Full HD video, interactive sense of direct real casino.

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Tailored to the requirements of the game, tailored to create a faction of the game hall, for the game player to create a warm atmosphere of the game, highlighting the customer's brand style.

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DREAM GAMING Offers a variety of unique online live games. In order to provide the highest entertainment to the players, exclusive red grab package function. Players can grab red envelopes at any time, real dealer is carefully selected and subject to strict training! To meet the global market.

  • Welcome to Fantasy Casino, the company's goal is to bring you the highest level of entertainment, allowing you to enjoy the highest level of life fun.

  • The new attention DG H5 version of the long-awaited, the official on-line it! Introducing the new DG H5 version. The new H5 version of the game variety, including baccarat, Sic Bo, roulette and dragon and tiger; ...

    DG H5 version of the new official launch

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